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How we used video to connect, get results, and show what the Women, Infants and Children Program (WIC) in public health really looks like.

Over 15 years as a full-service agency, our clients have laid many challenges at our feet. We’ve done it all: websites, branding, social media, brochures, graphic design, blogs, ads, corporate gifts, and the list goes on! In this post, we want to take you inside one of our latest projects—a video to promote WIC, a program for moms and kids offered by our local public health department.

The Challenge

Our clients at Cobb & Douglas Public Health wanted to increase the number of participants in their WIC program.* Their biggest hurdles stemmed from common misconceptions about the program itself: that it focused on providing formula and that most moms wouldn’t be eligible, which was not the case.

* WIC is a free service for pregnant women, moms and their children under 5 that provides nutrition education, supplemental food, growth tracking and breastfeeding support.

Our job was to dispel these false notions and increase awareness about the incredible benefits of WIC. We knew a video would be the best tool to reach potential clients who were right for the program. With video, we could show moms all the best sides of WIC—that it’s designed with them in mind, that everyone there wants the best for their family, and most of all, that it works!

Why Video?

Many nonprofit organizations benefit from video production because it literally puts a face onto a product, often for a striking impact. When we learned more about the WIC program, we knew it was something special, and we wanted to spark a similar connection for viewers. So, we used real WIC clients and its comfortable, inviting facilities to show an authentic experience.

For this project, we developed a 2.5-minute video to highlight all the ways WIC helps women, infants and children. Then, we created two personal interview videos where WIC participants spoke directly to prospective clients—mom-to-mom. Their stories of how WIC changed their lives act as powerful calls to action, moving pregnant women and moms out there to find out more about WIC.

Video is an excellent asset for public health departments, who have a unique dual responsibility to the public they serve and to the state they report to. A video like this can be shared via social media and email campaigns to reach new and existing clients. But crucially, department leadership can use the video to solicit funding from sponsors and showcase their work for community partners.


After just a few short months, this project produced impressive social media results. The three videos received 40,000+ video plays, 1,000+ ad clicks and 200+ landing page views. With a spend of less than $300, this campaign was a massive success for their public health service budget. And the video can be used for years to come to help promote this valuable program. Other initiatives we developed for WIC served as added support and value for the video, including a landing page, social media, digital ads and out-of-home ads.

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