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524 Creative Launches District 4 Public Health Website Amidst COVID-19 Crisis

524 Creative - District 4 Public Health Website

Marietta marketing agency 524 Creative is pleased to announce the launch of District 4 Public Health’s new website. The site (www.district4health.org) was almost put on hold indefinitely due to the pandemic. However, District 4 and 524 Creative were committed to keeping the project on track so it could serve the district’s residents better.

Dr. Olugbenga Obasanjo, District 4 Health Director, said, “We started working on the site earlier this year, but then COVID-19 became our primary focus. We had to decide if we should put the website on hold. During our emergency response, we realized our responsibility to disseminate information was more important than ever, so we decided to continue with the project. It was the right decision.”

District 4 is one of the largest public health districts in Georgia, with a population of 850,000. It serves 12 metro counties south of Cobb & Douglas Public Health, another of 524 Creative’s clients. In 2015, the agency developed Cobb & Douglas Public Health’s website, a stepping-stone that helped the team tackle an even more extensive project.

District 4’s region is diverse—it includes rural and urban areas, speaks to multi-lingual communities, and spans economic classes. The new website addresses them all, highlighting the specific services available in each county. It includes more than 100 pages of fresh content and an expanded color palette. Its design is robust enough to touch on all facets of public health, yet clear enough to help visitors find what they need in minimum clicks. The goal of the site was to improve overall user experience, so 524 Creative ensured it is intuitive and mobile-friendly.

524 Creative Principal April Wright said, “As an agency, we pride ourselves on adapting to the needs of our clients. When COVID-19 hit, we prepared to put District 4’s website on hold until they could give the project more attention. But even as their team was pulled in a million directions, they made the website a priority. Their composed, flexible reaction inspired our work, resulting in a remarkable partnership.”

During the project, District 4 employees were working at full capacity, yet they remained dedicated to their collaboration with 524 Creative. The team knew the deadline and was responsive to each request. They even agreed to streamline the usual project management process that the agency provides for its clients. The final step to success was in the transition from the old site to the new, which they achieved with zero downtime.